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Kriya Art House

Art makes life worth living

Kriya Art House is an art company and organisation registered in Hyderabad and recently in London. We are dedicatedly working for more than a decade with a passion for art and culture.

Our primary focus is to initiate and implement art projects to fill the gaps and add new context and value to the art ecosystem.

Currently, focus on developing a few art projects with their specific aims and goals for the last five years.

We are happy to unfold a series of projects info for 2021 to 2023 in March.

Kriya Art House Initiated projects: 

Art Yagnam: www.artyagnam.com

The project was inception as a solo art event of Manohar Chiluveru managed by Kriya Art House. The aim is to create and develop a support system for not for profit art projects, causes and Kriya Art Foundation projects.  

Art-Synergy: First edition 2021 (Annual Art & Creative global exhibition event)

We believe the world is a Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (One family). We want to bring the art & creative community together at a new platform to connect, discover and celebrate the power of creativity and share and exhibit the joy of art.

Swayam-Biennale: First Edition 2022

The word Swayam taken from the Sanskrit word “Swayambhu”; it means “self-manifested”, “self-existing”, or “its own accord creates that”.

The project is an artist-driven Biennale of its kind. Focus on contemporary Arts and aligned creative arts, exhibitions, self-transformation and enterprising.

Kriya Art Foundation managed projects:

Earth – Reboots is a publication project initiated by Manohar Chiluveru under Kriya Art Foundation soon after he had returned from Milan in February 2020.

The project has initiated to pay tribute to people who lost their lives in the effect of pandemic COVID-19

The project is currently in progress at Kriya Art Foundation.